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Complete Janitorial Services

Janitorial services enable you to clean up and maintain your business’ commercial or industrial area, on a regular basis. Your floors will remain clean and professional looking, and your reception and communal areas will consistently appear brand new.

Our complete janitorial service technicians come equipped with all the required cleaning materials, allowing us to deliver perfection. Miracle Building Maintenance ensures that you are working with a reliable janitorial team that will enhance the look and functionality of your commercial space.

Complete Janitorial Services


Generally, keeping your floors clean represents the most essential janitorial duty. Professional janitors have relevant skillsets and equipment, in order to clean types of flooring that consist of various different materials. Specialty floors include marble, hardwood, concrete, and stone. Make sure to go through the company’s portfolio to ensure that they have done it before. Check out their reviews, and find out what other clients say about them.

Our company provides specialty care for different floor types:

  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Raised floors
  • Carpet and
  • Hardwood

Complete janitorial work

A professional janitorial service provider should offer all-in-one resources. No stone should be left unturned. They clean up all the furniture, windows, and floors. We provide janitorial services, which include cleaning of your restrooms, upholstery, and windows. This complete janitorial service also entails recycling and garbage removal. Save on cost, by selecting the cleaning services you need, from our wide range of services.

Specialty cleaning

Cleaning services are often considered essential, in particular after a large event. Most janitorial providers offer enterprise space clean-up. Keep in mind, this service saves your company the cost of hiring multiple cleaners. Certain occasions, such as following renovations, may also require professional cleaning labour. After renovations, we will help you get back to business as soon as the work is done, and the cleaning has been completed. Truckmount steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery, is also available to you.

Truckmount carpet and upholstery cleaning offers you fresher air, a pleasant odour, and a dust-free environment. This includes a carpet, and an upholstery unit, mounted in a van. Professional carpet cleaning includes deep cleaning, with enhanced carpet cleaning, as a result of the high temperatures used. Our truck mount suction on phoenix S75 nearly dries the carpets.

Get the perfect upholstery cleaning service by leveraging a truck-mounted steam cleaner. Using excessive pressures of 400-500 PSI, it can be set to produce 1500 kilos of steam per square inch. It is simply much more effective than its rival portable cleaners.

We offer highly efficient truck-mounted carpet cleaning. The resulting is an unbeatable combination of faster, more efficient, and higher quality cleaning. There is no time wasted fetching water, or draining waste tanks. The excessive temperatures used in carpet and upholstery cleaning, are critical to the positive outcomes.

Specialty Cleaning

Floor Maintenance, Stripping, Waxing, Sealing, Concrete Polishing

Most business owners would not think of stripping and waxing floors, when it comes to workplace cleanups. Stripping and waxing floors have immense advantages, whether with a hotel, hospital, or commercial establishment. It’s a cleanup method that removes dirt and grit, which janitors cannot. Floor waxing and stripping is a floor refinishing treatment plan.

Our floor polishing preserves your commercial building’s cleanliness, and boosts the lifespan of your flooring. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. In addition, dust can cause your floors to become very slippery, and can quickly become a liability. Professional floor stripping and waxing eliminates dust. Dust and debris cannot gather as easily, and so are easier to clean.

There are three basic steps to the floor waxing procedure: floor stripping, sealant, and waxing. In-floor stripping, top wax, and other buildup removals occur. Stripping removes any dirt and grime, thus exposing the bare floor.

In the sealant stage, seal the exposed floor with a high-quality sealer. A gloss finish is a perfect way to leave the floor shiny, thus reducing marks and scratches.

Finally, waxing is the last stage for rich and protected glowing floors. We use industrial standard wax to enhance the floors’ texture, allowing them to sparkle again.

Floor maintenance
High rise window cleaning

Window Cleaning – High-Rise Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning services will result in better services than you would be able to deliver on your own. Commercial high-rise window cleaning services demand standard industrial equipment. You’ll need more than just a few rags. High-rise window cleaners use extension ropes, which require expertise and training, to coordinate stability and cleaning.

High-rise window washers near me take huge risks since their only support is a bosun seat, connected to ropes. Hire professional window cleaning services, with adequately trained employees, to minimize the risk of accidents, and offer professional cleaning.

After Construction Site Cleaning

Construction workers agree to the construction work, not the after construction cleaning. Construction residuals and harmful materials left behind after construction work, may cause potential harm to individuals in the surrounding area, and could represent a liability.

After construction clean up saves you time and money. Hire post-construction cleaning services that have made safety a top priority. They should have the right equipment and cleaning products, and have trained employees to handle the job with maximum efficiency. Professionals can distinguish between regular waste, and harmful waste, and can treat it accordingly.

Business owners want to put their money to work, which means hiring after construction cleaners who value both speed and time efficiency. Professional cleaners understand this, and work in a way that maximizes overall operations and productivity. The renovation cleanup crew does more than mere dusting. They clean up every inch of the job site, including, scrubbing floors, tile furnishing, whipping cabinets, cleaning the walls, furniture cleaning, cleaning vents, and replacing air filters.

After Construction Cleaning
Hot Water Pressure Washing

Truckmount High Pressure – Hot Water Pressure Washing

A hot water pressure washer is one of the best ways to increase the value of a building. Hand washing a building’s exterior, is a daunting task. It might take months before a cleaning project is complete. Hot water pressure washing is an excellent way to clean stone and clay blocks.

Hire a hot water pressure washer service in Montreal, to divert the risk of injury. Experts will remove dirt and stains, and clean up the entire house, from the driveway to the roof. Hot water pressure washing removes grime build up instantly, and gives your home a new, fresh look.

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