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Electrostatic Disinfection

Traditional dry and wet dust wiping, is the most common method used for both office and home cleaning. Did you know that this is the greatest way to spread germs and bacteria?

Dry dusting throws resting particles in the air, which land on other areas. The challenge with wet cleaning on the other hand, is how hard it can be to reach certain spots. After all the wet and dry cleaning, there is a more effective method to keep your facility lean, and free from germs, electrostatic disinfection.

The electrostatic sprayer does not disinfect on its own, but uses a specialized solution, a mixture of air, and atomized electrodes. The positively charged electrodes, once released, are aggressive on any surface they land on. They cling and coat the surface they land on. The spray mist, is an excellent way to reach the corners, and hard-to-reach surfaces.

disinfection services
Spray Cleaning

The electrostatic spray technology is similar to the one typically used for car painting. It ensures that the paint evenly reaches the hard-to-reach areas. It’s a specific option that can be applied to disinfecting surfaces. Electrostatic disinfection services are the best option to clean R&D facilities, lab clinics, schools, and other commercial businesses.

This is why most businesses prefer electrostatic disinfection services:

  • It’s the best method to curb the spread of viruses like MRSA, and influenza.
  • It uses less to cover even hard-to-reach surfaces. It may save you more than half of the time conventional methods require.
  • Saves you money associated with contagious infections.
  • The equipment applies the right chemicals in a controlled environment, thus eliminating the probability of overuse.

Electrostatic disinfections play a crucial role throughout the current SARS-CoV-2 period. Businesses are working hard to maintain maximum cleanliness, which entails frequent sanitizing efforts. Disinfectant sprayers used to go a long way in controlling the spread of the Covid-19 virus, alongside encouraging staff to maintain social distancing, wear masks correctly and at all times, along with regular hand washing, with running water and soap.

An electrostatic sprayer is an instrumental tool for disinfecting meeting rooms, keyboard and computer accessories, elevators, hospital rooms, schools, churches, and high traffic commercial property areas.

When one attempts to “hire professional disinfection services near me”, using the right tools and practices, with trained staff to keep your employees and customers safe and protected. Professionals have trained their staff in proper use of this most sophisticated disinfection technology. Hiring professionals eliminates the risk associated with dangerous cleaning chemicals. They have the right disinfection outfits, and Government-approved products.

Professional electrostatic disinfection saves on cost. First, it uses fewer disinfectant chemicals, compared to manual wiping. Professionals can get disinfectant materials from reliable vendors, in bulk, leading to economies of scale, which will be reflected in your overall cost-savings.

As long as you use suitable disinfectants, electrostatic sprayers remain the most effective commercial disinfection method. The process coats the surface perfectly.

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High Touch Manual Disinfection

Proper commercial cleaning and disinfection keeps workers and customers safe. For complete disinfection, high-touch manual disinfection is vital for extensive daily care. Dangerous pathogens like COVID-19, require daily sanitization.

Some electrostatic disinfection methods are excellent; unfortunately, they only occur occasionally, approximately every week. High-touch manual disinfection is the most effective process to clean a high-traffic hospital, school, or any other commercial area. It’s a daily requirement for companies that value the cleanliness and safety of their staff and customers.

High Touch Manual Disinfection

Why High Touch Manual Disinfection Is Important

Touch Manual Disinfection
  • Removes dirt and dust, and disinfects surfaces underneath. Other disinfection methods do not require prior cleaning. Manual disinfection will first wipe out dust, and will then disinfect surfaces. The reason why hand washing is better than using a sanitizer, is because friction is applied. A contactless disinfection procedure does not eliminate dangerous pathogens, housed by dust and dirt. Manually wiping a surface clean exposes the pathogens to open surfaces, making a disinfectant application more effective
  • Manual disinfection works best for sensitive machinery. Some equipment has sophisticated designs with complicated use, which you would not want to expose to any dangerous chemical. Manual disinfection allows for proper care on every surface, and more so alongside door handles.
  • More time and attention to overlooked areas. Most commercial disinfection professionals, such as Miracle Building Maintenance, use electrostatic disinfection methods. The method is effective in covering more expansive areas, and hard-to-reach surfaces over a limited time. There are, however, many essential parts that require more attention, which large-scale cleaning methods overlook—door handles, common rooms, seat arms, among others. Every area gets proper attention for maximum cleanliness.

Manual cleaning professionals must go through thorough training to avoid any disinfection pitfalls. It is possible, for instance, to have cross termination during the disinfection process. Professionals must understand the chemicals and use them, leverage the use of tools, along with safe storage best practices. Manual cleaning in hospitals is a sensitive job. There could be possible cross-contamination, which may infect patients with new pathogens. Disinfectant professionals must be conscientious.

Comparing to Other Disinfectants

Spray disinfectants. These are easier and quicker ways to cover large areas of commercial properties. Failure to first clean or remove the soil layer uncovers pathogens, which render the procedure less effective.

foam disinfection

Foam Disinfection

Foam disinfection covers large areas, much like spray disinfectants. The disinfect foam expands upon reaching the surface, and gives a visual marker of addressed areas. It’s more useful in machinery areas. However, there’s not as much control as there is with manual disinfection.

Steam Pathogens

The high heat kills pathogens. Application of this procedure in a commercial way may cause product and surface damages on high-touch areas. Steam disinfection has a high-risk of injury when used in places with machinery and workers. Manual disinfection thus remains a necessary disinfection procedure.

High-touch manual sterilization and disinfection has clear advantages, and offers better control regardless of the industry—competent professionals with rigorously trained staff with national expertise, keep your business sparkling clean. The first line of defense against any infection is maintaining a clean place of business. Manual cleaning prevents HAIs through environmental cleaning. It’s a more effective and fast method, when coupled with other methods, especially for commercial gain. 

Steam Pathogens

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